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Friendly Scroll and its effective website features

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When we talk about the Friendly Scroll system, we are talking about a set of determining factors, so that the website becomes easily usable. Friendly Scroll and its features effective website. In fact, it is necessary to make sure that the user, arriving at the website, is at ease and considers it immediately simple. To do this, you need to access a whole series of features that are fundamental for the creation of a Friendly Scroll website.


The first consideration is the color factor of the website. In fact, the human pupil has 4 fundamental color contrasts. For the policies in the creation of Friendly Scroll websites, three of these four different chromatic contrasts of the human pupil have been chosen.


A second key feature is the fact that Friendly Scroll websites are designed to be used on mobile devices. The reason for this choice is due to the fact that about 10% of internet use comes from Smart TVs. Approximately another 15% comes from the use of computers. While 75% of total web browsing comes from mobile devices. So the Friendly Scroll project excludes the use of a method that can be adapted to mobile devices, but rather a method that is born specifically for mobile devices.


Another fundamental part of the Friendly Scroll project is the creation of texts that are able to create an empathy, between what you want to communicate and what the user’s reception power is. To achieve this, we use what are the Humanitarian Sciences in addition to psychology.


The quantity of images is another fundamental aspect in using the Friendly Scroll method for the creation of websites. We are not talking about images inherent to the activity illustrated on the website, but rather images that stimulate a well-being that we want to instill, with the communication made with the Friendly Scroll method.

In conclusion: features effective website

These that have been mentioned are aspects that are evaluated when designing a Friendly Scroll website. A whole series of aspects that have little to do with the aesthetics that we normally try to create in the creation of websites. Because the fundamental point of the strategy of building a Friendly Scroll website is not that it is beautiful, but rather that it is effective.


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